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Introduction to Ios – Best short term, job oriented course in iOS development from Appzoc Labs in Kochi. This covers core iOS development concepts and frameworks in the latest apple language swift, to give the participants sufficient knowledge to secure jobs in the much sought after mobility segment or develop products from their own ideas.

Our 100% practical oriented, individual training brings coding to your finger tips and transform you into iOS developer. Our well-organized iOS course commence with the basic concepts of Objective-C and the latest language Swift. We follow the latest version of Swift 4.0 language and you’ll develop extensive skills in Auto layout, Controllers, Libraries, Github, Creating Certificates, API, Core data, Location Based Services, Plist, Images and Media Handling through Zoople’s best-in-class training

Program duration

4 months

Training Hours

Morning shift & evening shift

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iOS Training Syllabus

Introduction to iOS App Development

  • About Apple Inc and iPhone OS
  • Comparison of iOS with Android
  • iOS App development with Mac.
  • Languages used in iOS Development
  • IDE and tools required for iOS development

Starting With X-code

  • Introduction to Xcode
  • The MVC Design pattern
  • UI Application and UI Application Delegates
  • Application Life Cycle

GUI Hierarchy


  • UI View Controllers and UI View
  • UI View Controller Class
  • UI View Class
  • IB-Outlet and IB-Action

Objective C language Basics

  • Fundamentals in Programming
  • Oops logic in programming
  • Classes and Objects
  • Properties and Methods

UI Elements with Objective C

  • Creating UI Elements
  • View Transitions
  • Alerting and Action sheets
  • Pickers and Progress Indicators

Swift Language Basics

  • Fundamentals of swift language
  • Familiarization of language features
  • Examples with swift playgrounds

Creating UI Elements with Swift

  • Basic UI Elements
  • Storyboard based GUI development
  • UITabBar, UITabBarController
  • UINavigationBar, UINavigationController

Essencial View Controllers

  • UITableView Controller
  • UICollectionView Controller
  • Managing row selection and deletion
  • Datasource and Delegate

Advanced Concepts

  • Map Kit
  • Core Services
  • Core Data
  • Web Services
  • Cocoapods

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