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Zoople technologies is the First to bring out Mobile App Testing in Cochin. In-order to provide quality for mobile app’s, Zoople technologies designed a course which is known as Mobile App Testing. Zoople technologies provides best courses in software testing in Ernakulam.  A software tester is expected to get involved from project inception. Testing activity starts right from the requirements definition stage. Testing is now compared at par with other IT services in terms of revenue for companies.

Program duration

4 months

Training Hours

Morning shift & evening shift

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0484 4040906 ,+91 8129244477

Mobile App Testing Syllabus

Introduction to mobile computing

• Overview of Mobile Devices

• Different types of Mobile Applications

• Mobile Application Architecture

• Client & Server side architecture

• Development Platforms for Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications Test Types

• Challenges of mobile application testing

• Testing in Mobile Space

• Emulators & Simulators

• Testing for the devices

• Testing applications on different platforms

Mobile test Process and Strategy

• Test Process

• Test Levels

• Agile and Mobile Application Development

• Test Coverage

Test Design Techniques Used for Mobile Testing

• Equivalence Class Partitioning

• Boundary Value Analysis

• Decision Table

• State Transition Testing

Bug Tracker Tool

• Mantis

• Bugzilla


Appium is an open source, cross-platform test automation tool for native, hybrid and mobile web apps. It allows us to automate native, hybrid and mobile web applications. Using Appium we can run automation tests on actual devices, emulators and simulators.

Introduction to Test Automation

o Introduction to Mobile Application Testing

o Benefits of Mobile Test Automation

o When and Why to Mobile apps test Automate?

o A look at Different Mobile Test Automation Tools

o Hybrid Apps, Native Apps and WebApps

Introduction to Appium

o Overview to Appium

o Applicability of Appium

o Benefits of using Appium

o Appium Vs Other leading Testing Tools available in the market

Creating Appium Environment

o Installing Appium

o Testing Android Mobile Application using Appium

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