Program Duration
3 Months
Training Hours
Morning Shift & Afternoon Shift

Zoople Technologies Holds one Prime position in UI Development & Training in Kochi.

Best UI Development Training in Kochi


Bringing life to any website in the best possible way deserves the attention of a good UI developer. Today UI development is much heard of, but unless you know how to work on it, such efforts will hardly make a difference. Learn the Best UI Development Training in Kochi to understand the core concepts and add value to websites.


Today anyone has the opportunity to learn a UI development course in Kochi under well-experienced mentors who know what the industry demands. Go beyond the technical aspects with our faculty to understand how you can understand and satisfy your end-user too. Register at the Best UI development training institute in Kerala, undertake the training, get certified, and even enjoy the added advantage of being placed at the best corporate forms in India.


What is UI Development?


UI Development is a technological blend of adding dynamics and beauty to a website as a while. Under the UI development course in Kochi, students are taught how to code and enable the proper communication of software across various desktop platforms. Experience the Best UI Development Training in Kochi to study what are the important visual elements that every front-end developer needs to understand and implement the designs accordingly.


Whether you are a first-timer in the technological world or want to scale up your IT career this will be your fruitful jump to make a notable impression on your career. UI Development never falls out of demand as the world lived on technology with a personalized and intuitive touch. Learn how to advance in the field of UI development in the most streamlined training course in Kochi.


Is UI Development Is Good Career?


UI Development is one of the aspiring career moves that you can try to fit into. This is purely based on the huge demand for technological products and websites today. Students who study under the guidance of credible trainers from the Best UI Development Training in Kochi, hold an upper advantage compared to their counterparts.


This is because they are taught the industry trends and how to impact the end user with tailor-made UI development projects. This makes a huge difference. The UI designers who have learned from the Best UI development training institute in Kerala have been able to deliver great interfaces that were suitable for iOS and Android, desktop, and many other configurations. This expanse of work makes this a great career option for many.

Difference Between UI and UX


Both UI and UX go hand in hand and are different in so many ways. At the Best UI development training institute in Kochi, Kerala, students are made to learn and experience the difference between the two, as we believe nothing is better than real-time practice.


While UX design is all about user experiences, UI design deals with the aesthetic beauty of the final product and service. They are must-have tools in every modern website today and that is why this career is in demand today.


The world has gone far from just a couple of codes on the screen. People need to feel connected when any platform they step into. Here, train our students to add the element of trust and connect while using the platform. Our designer students who enroll in the UI development online training in Kochi will be trained in using various tools like Material UL, ChromeDev, etc.


With UI, the designer will focus on the visual points of touch that interact with the end user. It should be smooth leaving no space for confusion in the mind of the user. With the UX design, the focus is on the product design experience, meaning that the structure utility is in focus. The UX experts will find the pain points and enhance the usability factor of the website.


This will keep the delight factor in the user journey from start to end. In short, UX should be efficient, relevant to the core purpose of the website, and consider cognitive science while designing the product or service. This will help the website constantly improve and build a stable customer base. The best UI development training institute in Kochi will help to develop your career.


Scope of UI development in Kochi


Zoople Technologies is the best UI development training institute in Kochi. If you need fluid-like websites that excite your future customer, then it has to have the essence of UI development. With the help of UI development online training in Kochi, a person is equipped with the right knowledge and concepts that will help them take on any project with confidence and as per the International standards of quality work.


Get trained with the Best UI development training in Kochi to have a sound tech-centric job and expertise. This will help you kick-start projects and provide an effective way of seamless interaction between the technological product and the final user in the most cost-effective and optimal manner.

Training Syllabus

  • Web Development Introduction

  • History of HTML
  • What you need to do to get going and make your first HTML page
  • What are HTML Tags and Attributes?
  • HTML Tag vs. Element
  • HTML Attributes:
  • How to differentiate HTML Document Versions

  • HTML Basic Tags
  • HTML Formatting Tags
  • HTML Color Coding

  • Div and Span Tags for Grouping

  • Unordered Lists
  • Ordered Lists
  • Definition list

  • Image and Image Mapping

  • URL - Uniform Resource Locator
  • URL Encoding

  • table tag
  • th tag
  • tr tag
  • td tag
  • caption tag
  • thead tag
  • tbody tag
  • tfoot tag
  • colgroup tag
  • col tag

  • Attributes Using
  • Iframe as the Target

  • input tag
  • textarea tag
  • button tag
  • select tag
  • label tag

  • Title
  • Base
  • Link
  • Style s
  • Script
  • Meta

  • HTML Meta Tag
  • HTML Deprecated Tags & Attributes

  • Benefits of CSS
  • CSS Versions History
  • CSS Syntax
  • External Style Sheet using
  • Multiple Style Sheets
  • Value Lengths and Percentages

  • CSS Syntax
  • single Style Sheets
  • Multiple Style Sheets
  • Value Lengths and Percentages

  • ID Selectors
  • Class Selectors
  • Grouping Selectors
  • Universal Selector
  • Descendant / Child Selectors
  • Attribute Selectors
  • CSS – Pseudo Classes

  • background-image
  • background-repeat
  • background-position
  • CSS Cursor

  • color
  • background-color
  • text-decoration
  • text-align
  • vertical-align
  • text-indent
  • text-transform
  • white-space
  • letter-spacing
  • word-spacing
  • line-height
  • font-family
  • font-size
  • font-style
  • font-variant
  • font-weight

  • List-style-type
  • List-style-position
  • list-style-image
  • list-style
  • CSS Tables
  • I. border
  • II. width & height
  • III. text-align
  • IV. vertical-align
  • V. padding
  • VI. color

  • Borders & Outline
  • Margin & Padding
  • Height and width
  • CSS Dimensions

  • CSS Visibility
  • CSS Display
  • CSS Scrollbars
  • CSS Positioning
  • 1. Static Positioning
  • 2. Fixed Positioning
  • 3. Relative Positioning
  • 4. Absolute Positioning
  • CSS Layers with Z-Index

  • The float Property
  • The clear Property

  • jQuery Introduction
  • Install and Use jQuery Library
  • Un-Obstructive JavaScript
  • First jQuery Example
  • jQuery Syntax
  • How to escape a special characters

  • Basic Selectors

  • Traversal Functions

  • Getting Setting values from elements
  • Handling attributes
  • Inserting New elements
  • Deleting/Removing elements
  • CSS manipulations
  • Dimensions
  • Positioning

  • Showing/Hiding elements
  • Sliding elements
  • Fading elements
  • Deleting animation elements
  • Custom animation

  • Working with Events

  • Ajax with jQuery
  • Load method
  • jQuery get and getJson methods
  • jQuery POST request
  • Retrieving js file
  • Helper methods

  • JavaScript Introduction

  • Variable declaration
  • Operators
  • Control Statements
  • Error Handling
  • Understanding arrays
  • Function Declaration

  • Built In Functions
  • Standard Date and Time Functions

  • HTML Document object Model
  • Working with HTML form and its elements

  • HTML Document object Model
  • Working with HTML form and its elements
  • Other Document Object Model

  • Working with cookies

  • Working with Objects
  • Call method in JavaScript
  • Inheritance in JavaScript using prototype

  • Introduction of Bootstrap
  • Syntax of Bootstrap
  • Container and Container-fluid
  • Connectivity of Bootstrap in page

  • Jumbotron
  • Button
  • Grid
  • Table
  • Form
  • Alert
  • Wells
  • Badge and label
  • Panels
  • Pagination
  • Pager
  • Image
  • Glyphicon
  • Carousel
  • Progress Bar
  • List Group
  • Dropdown
  • CollapseSyntax of Bootstrap
  • Container and Container-fluid
  • Connectivity of Bootstrap in page

  • Tabs/Pill
  • Navbar
  • Input Types
  • Modals
  • Popover
  • Scrollspy

  • Bootstrap Border
  • Bootstrap Clearfix
  • Bootstrap Close Icons
  • Bootstrap Colors
  • Display Flexbox
  • Display Property
  • Image Replacement
  • Invisible Content
  • Bootstrap Position
  • Responsive helpers
  • Screen Readers
  • Bootstrap sizing
  • Bootstrap spacing
  • Bootstrap Typography