Program Duration
3 Months
Training Hours
Morning Shift & Afternoon Shift

Zoople Technologies holds one prime position in Flutter Development & Training in Kochi.

Best Flutter Training In Kochi


If you have tried the app development process, you should be knowing how complicated and time-consuming it is. This tiresome process can be made lighter through flutter. Flutter is an open-source single code base UI software development kit launched by Google for developing applications mainly on iOS and Android. It is the most powerful and fastest programming language with expressive and flexible UI and exhibits native performance.


The mobile application development using Flutter provides native performance and seamless UX. The best Flutter training in Kochi enables all developers to enhance their skills saving, a substantial amount of time. Flutter is the best to develop cross-platform apps Our flutter development training course is bound to ensure making you a pro in the same. Flutter is the fastest growing language, with a scope of promising future.


The Flutter Course in Kochi


The certification to competence in the specialized field shows a commitment to career and skill development. Zoople put forward a full-stack flutter development training program to make you capable of developing high-quality, interactive mobile applications both for iOS and Android devices.Our certification for the flutter app development course in Kochi would stand out from the crowd. No matter if you are a newbie or experienced in mobile app development, our training results in the high-velocity development of quality apps.

The course is designed to improve your knowledge retention, practicing and handling something meaningful and useful, with lots of hands-on projects. Zoople provides internationally recognized professional qualifications through tailor-made courses. By the end, you gain complete knowledge of flutter and build both Android and iOS apps like a professional.


Feel Confident to Learn from Industry’s Best


We consider you as the future of the IT industry who possess the expert skills and prepare you for your career. At Zoople, you get a specific flutter development course in Kochi and all the useful knowledge; that is difficult to find anywhere else. The training course at Zoople covers all fundamental concepts comprehensively.


We provide a real-time environment with technical infrastructure, enabling you to be more confident and skillful. We understand the learning needs of aspirants, bringing forth a simulation of the relevant course structure. Our adequate experience in the training domain provides you with the best  flutter training.


We actively engage you in various activities, together with a valuable work experience certificate, thereby emphasizing long-term strategic relationships and ensuring topmost client satisfaction. We provide beginner-level resources and make your new learning fun. Our highly efficient team of professionals has sound knowledge in the field that set us apart. Our Best Flutter training In Kochi provides high-quality learning with 100% placement assistance, which is par with the best in the industry. Find the right learning path.

Training Syllabus

  • What is Flutter
  • Why Flutter?
  • What is Dart Native solutions

  • Introduction to android studio Flutter SDK

  • Dart pad Keywords
  • Built-in types
  • Functions
  • Operators
  • Control flow statements
  • Exceptions
  • Classes
  • Generics
  • Libraries and visibility
  • Asynchrony support
  • Generators
  • Callableclasses
  • Isolates
  • Typedefs
  • Metadata
  • comments

  • Stateless widget
  • Stateful widget

  • Initstate()
  • Setstate()
  • Dispose()

  • Container
  • Row
  • Column
  • ListView
  • GridView
  • Staggered grid view
  • Stack

  • Text
  • Image
  • Icon
  • Center
  • Padding
  • EditText
  • Builder

  • Appbar
  • Drawer
  • BottomNavigation
  • FloatingActionButton
  • Bottom sheet

  • Animated Align
  • Animated Builder
  • Animated Container
  • Animated Opacity
  • Animated Size
  • Animated Position
  • Animated Widget
  • Fade Transition etc.…

  • Alert Dialogue
  • Simple Dialogue
  • Show TimePicker
  • ShowDatePicker
  • Bottom Sheets,

  • SQfLite

  • Making RESTful API
  • Calls with HTTP

  • Working with Maps

  • Google Map
  • Gmail

  • FaceBook Integration
  • Google integration

  • Push Notification
  • Firebase Database Authentication

  • Razorpay

  • Project using SQfLite
  • Project Using RestApi

  • Github
  • Gitlab

  • Play Store Uploading