Program Duration
4 Months
Training Hours
Morning Shift &Evening Shift


Best UI/UX Design Training In Calicut


Fastrack your career with Zoope’s successful career transition course on UI/UX. Learn to design seamless interfaces through hands-on learning and drive the best UI/UX design training in Calicut. We make you appropriate to suit the industry demands prioritising better user experiences. To be a skilled UI/UX professional it is a must to have a thorough understanding of the rapid advances in design trends, which is efficiently provided at Zoople. With us, you get to be prominent in creating mobile-friendly designs. Pursuing the best in the industry makes you capable of cracking the competition to come your way through a UI/UX design course.


Why Use UI/UX Designing?



The business world is evidently in demand for the terms UX and UI. Similarly, it has also taken up the role in tech conversations. A UI/UX designing course is the right to pursue your dream career if you are passionate and want to get hooked on the IT sector to render a fantastic user experience design. Get your expertise with Zoople to present your clients with a clean layout and incredibly easy user interface. If you are looking to enrol on a UI/UX design course, no doubt, choose Zoople for a smooth earning experience. Opting UI/UX course can never go wrong as UI/UX designers are high in demand and the top skilled prefer them for reasons like:


  • Easy to learn
  • High in demand
  • Master in New technology
  • Excellent career opportunities 
  • Extremely Good package


Specialising in UI/UX designing from Zoople makes you a pro in designing high-impact user experiences with visually driven websites and apps. Master in-demand skills and gain advanced subject-matter expertise with a deep understanding of the key concepts. Learn from Zoople the current best practices reigning the industry of UI/UX design which covers right from the beginning of research to the development phase. The skills and knowledge to crack the wide variety of career options is the guarantee we promise you through our course. Open new doors with a job-ready certified UI/UX program at Zoople to grab an upskill to excel in the digital economy.


Who can Study UI/UX Designing Training Course?


There are no such eligibility criteria for enrolling on a UI/UX designing course at Zoople. The criteria are solely set by the institution and it varies depending on the course structure. The common requirements Zoople normally stress include:


  • A high school or equivalent education 
  • Good if have a background in design and development 
  • Demanding problem-solving skills and strong attention to detail
  • Basic knowledge regarding the design software
  • If you have, a portfolio of the previous design works.
  • Passion for creativity and designing


Besides all these, the recruiters look into your skills and Zoople crafts an excellent way towards it.

Being the industry leader in UI/UX courses in Calicut, we put forward the credentials that you have the necessary skills for the job. We are prominent software trainers in the IT sector striving to make each candidate an industry-recognized UI/UX certified professional. We cover the critical UI/UX skills in the certification programs and bootcamps which could be an additional credential to mention in your resume.


The Benefits of UI/UX Designing Training Course


UI/UX courses define a huge sought of possibilities in career which defines it to be a popular option for many to choose from. No matter if you have a strong background or not, our training course brings you to the frontline as a good career choice. Know the benefits as a UI/UX designer in cracking your job title to be sure in considering a career shift. In providing a meaningful career option, Zoople explains the key benefits of enrolling on our course and how we make you ready for the industry with estimated change and growth in the long run.


  • Excellent career opportunities and prospects
  • Unlike before, work on a greater range of touchpoints.
  • Extended career prospects in various sectors
  • Shape a better future 


Is UI/UX Design a Good Career Choice?


If on your course completion, you get to easily rely on a job then you are said to be one step closer in the weighing factors of a stable career. UI/UX designers are fortunate to have a good future. This profession is in high demand in the industry and is getting to witness a steady growth rate in the coming years. Many companies have set their core hiring on UI/UX designers to actively bring on board new creative minds who would bring more profit base. Besides all these positive aspects that weigh more on career growth, this space also tends to exercise your creative and analytical skills. UI/UX designing has plenty of room which ultimately defines only growth making it an incredibly interesting occupation scope.


Begin your career with Zoople


Zoople starts with basic learning on UI/UX principles and tools and later takes you on a ride to master the more advanced course aspects. Zoople offers a strict breakthrough into UI/UX design and offers an intensive academic excellence program as well. Our expert-led course structure and associated mentors hold proven expertise in designing as well as top-notch communication skills.


Scope of UI/UX Designing


UI/UX design courses have quite a wide scope in the IT industry as it sets a strong key base to success. While developing a digital product, its success lies in the amazing user experience it can render, which marks the potential of UI/UX design. Only this aspect makes the digital product both functional and enjoyable for the users. Similarly, the career scope of UI/UX designers is increasing pace and is an offbeat choice for knacking high-paying profession choice. We set you out to the top of the game for a comfortable lifestyle. Start your career with training at the reputed UI/UX training in Calicut.

Training Syllabus

  • Elements of design
  • Principles of design
  • Viewing design references
  • Color Theory
  • Design Orientation

  • Introduction to Photoshop
  • Pixel Definition
  • Layers and Selection Tools
  • Photo Retouch and restoration
  • Project- Photo Restoration
  • Color Grading
  • Masking in photoshop
  • Poster Banner & Social Media Post Creation
  • Print Media Designs
  • Mock Up Setting
  • Effects and Advanced Trends
  • Using Time Line In photoshop,

  • Introduction to vectors
  • Illustrator tool explanation
  • Working with shapes and editing
  • Logo Design Process
  • Logo Designing & Typography
  • Project Logo Designing
  • Mesh Tool
  • Splash Image Creation and App banner
  • Exporting as SVG and Features
  • Saving for Print
  • Image Tracing
  • Color Correcting traced images
  • Working with stock vectors

  • App Logo, App Banner, Splash Page Images, App Drawer Icon

  • What is UX?
  • User Centric Approach
  • Understanding Users
  • User Research
  • Why UX research is important

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Methods
  • Contextual Interview
  • User Personas and Scenarios
  • Card Sorting & Affinity Mapping
  • User flow Creation & LFD Wireframing
  • Assignment on UX Design

  • UI Design tool familiarization
  • Figma
  • Adobe XD

  • Introduction
  • Getting Started with Project
  • Briefing of design Systems and importance
  • Usage of fonts and text layouts & Colors
  • Images and vector integration & Components

  • Designing Splash Pages
  • Interaction Design & Micro Interaction
  • Working with frames in figma and scroll groups in xd

  • Web UI
  • Responsive Web UI
  • Responsive Web UI
  • Capstone Project 1.5-week submission time

  • Mocking up for Behance
  • Designing for behance
  • Creation of behance profile
  • Uploading works to behance

  • Designing CV / Resume in Illustrator
  • Working in different mock interview practical questions
  • Or machine test to build up confidence